With the explosive rise in popularity of the online casino industry the web is now booming with online casinos. With so many casinos to choose from gamblers may actually find it difficult to pick out that special casino to visit. On the other hand the casinos have to think of new ways to be noticed as not to disappear in the crowd.

That is why several casino try to stand out in this competitive market by offering bonuses or rewards of some sort to those who play at the casino. And bonuses and rewards are good news to the gambling people…

Bonus Types

Bonuses vary both in size and when they are given. The most common bonuses and rewards are the so called match bonus, the no deposit bonus, bonus for high rollers and loyalty rewards.

A match bonus is exactly what the name suggest; a bonus matching the amount you deposit into the casino. If for example the gambler deposits 100 dollars into the casino the match bonus will add up to 200 dollars giving the gambler a larger bankroll and basically increased chances of winning.

The no deposit bonus is often a relatively small bonus that can help you get started and try out the casino. The best thing about no deposit bonuses is that you do not risk a dime of your own hard earned money – you are playing for money given to you by the casino. And if you are lucky even that small no deposit bonus can turn into something big and useful!

Once the casino has caught your attention by having offered a match or no deposit bonus their next aim is to make you keep coming back. As a way of doing this many casinos offer a monthly bonus to their loyal clients. Monthly bonuses also vary in size and always require a deposit.

If you like to play for serious money you might want to look at casinos offering high roller bonuses. Casinos love high rollers because high rollers are a potential great income to the casino and often these high rollers are treated with huge bonuses. Gaming requirements for high roller bonuses are often significant but since high rollers like to play these requirements should be possibly to meet.

Types Of Rewards

Bonuses are not the only way of attracting gamblers to the casino. Quite a lot of casino now offer loyalty programs treating gamblers with points after having wagered a specifiv amount at the casino. These point – comp points as they are usually called – can afterwards be exchanged to casino chips, giving you even more chances to win. Sometimes comp points can be used to buy yourself way to tournaments with great prizes!

With so many online casinos offering so many great bonuses you surely increase your chances of winning. When betting with the double of your initial deposit or even trying out a casino using the casinos own money through a no deposit bonus you are bound to win! So what are you waiting for?

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