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Major Millions, a video slot designed by Microgaming has triggered more than thirty life altering wins for players all around the globe. Today this jackpot was won once again by an unknown figure, this player winning $569,978.


Many of the details regarding this win have been placed under wrap by Microgaming. The reasoning for this is because the winning player wishes to remain as an unknown figure. This has resulted in the casino & player’s identity remaining a secret to the general public. This 32nd progressive jackpot winner did release a statement saying, “Even though it’s not a million, I’m not complaining. I’m going to go on a vacation and pay down the rest of my mortgage. Can’t wait to live it up with this money.”

Though this winning players statement is short & sweet, you can tell that he is more than pleased with his jackpot win. The standard jackpot win for this slot is $574,557 so unfortunately this player received less than the average amount & after taxes he shall only receive roughly $480,000. None the less this is still an incredible amount of money to win at one time.

Major Millions is a 5 reel, 15 payline video slot developed by Microgaming. It’s Millionaire theme boasts wilds, scatters, multipliers, free spins and a progressive jackpot. Playing this title only requires punters to go through a simple registration process at a casino supporting the Microgaming platform. Exciting, memorable moments and profitable wins await all those who do. Sign up today!

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Sweet Party, a candy themed slot developed by Playtech has had its progressive jackpot triggered once again. This progressive win accumulated to $1,796,902, allowing for one punter to forever have their lives changed. This punter was playing at Club 777 casino when he triggered this jackpot.

sweet party

Unfortunately, a large portion of the details pertaining towards this win have yet to be made public to the media. What is known is that this is the second largest progressive to ever be won through this progressive. The largest to ever be won was $3.2 Million which occurred later last year in July. This is also only the fourth progressive to ever be won through this game since is was released back in June 2014.

The player whom took this progressive win did make an anonymous statement, saying, “It’s to much to handle, your mind can’t grasp what is happening. I’m in a financial position I’ve never been in before and I’ve got the slightest clue on what I’ll do with this money. Thank you to Playtech & Club 777. My family & myself will greatly enjoy this money.”

The Sweet Party jackpot is triggered when punters land on eight peppermint symbols, all beside one another. The progressive’s worth can be doubled instantly if all sixteen peppermint symbols appear beside one another. Playing this slot is easy as 1, 2, 3. All that’s needed is to sign up with a casino supporting the Playtech platform, from there on in hundreds of casino games will be at player disposal.

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Amaya Gaming revealed today that they could possibly be releasing a Sportsbetting site in the upcoming months through their subsidiary firm “The Rational Group”. This information was revealed due to Amaya Gaming purchasing a variety of domains, after confronted by the media they indeed confirmed that their gearing up to release a sportsbetting site with their subsidiary firm. These plans could foil over though if their community of players, investors and board believe that pushing forward is a bad idea.

Amaya Gaming

The name of this sportsbetting site has already been revealed through the purchased domains. It’ll either be called “BetStars.com, .Net, .Co.Uk, .EU or .De”. Regardless of which ones they choose the name itself will generate interest and popularity in a short period of time. Apparently Amaya Gaming paid $10,000 for each one of these domains. It’s obvious that Amaya is pushing onwards to become not just one of the leading operators in the industry, but the only leader in the industry. Any money earned in profit is re-invested directly into the company which only provides them with a far better gambling experience.

Those whom wish to register with these sportsbetting sites won’t be able to do so right now. There is no word as to when either one of these potential sites will be released. Unfortunately it could be up to a maximum of a year before we see any of these sites come fully to life. None the less Amaya Gaming is gearing up to be the number one operator in the globe and from the looks of it they’ll accomplish their goals quickly.

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NuWorks, an internet software developer has revealed the release of their latest slot “Fangtastic”. It’s not surprising to see NuWorks release a spooky themed slot in the month of October. This is clearly done on purpose in hopes that its Halloween/Spooky Theme will bring in higher player revenues.


This slot which is sure to impress hundreds of NuWorks fans has been developed as a 5 reel, 243 way to win video slot. This game features a proactively dressed female vampire, various monsters, bats, goblins and tombstones. All of these characters act as symbols on the reels. There is also a game features available to be triggered including free spins, win multiplies, wilds and three random jackpots.

There are only a few online casinos which currently have the rights to offer this game. Lucky Club Casino was the first to receive the game a few days ago. The Manager at Lucky Club, Alex Hunter stated, “This is by far the coolest Halloween themed slot I’ve seen in a long time. I love the character designed and the spooky essence when spinning the reels. The 30x win multipliers is a feature that I suspect will also be beloved by many of ours players.”

Even though this game is Halloween themed, it’ll be available to be played throughout the duration of the NuWorks Platform. Those wishing to play the game only have to sign up with Lucky Club or one of the few other casinos that offer the titles available in the NuWorks gambling platform

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One very lucky online punter playing at Intertops Casino just became a far richer man. This thirty year old player was able to win two separate jackpots while playing at this casino, accumulating a total win of $302,000 in the process.

Intertops Casino

This winning players name is Donovan A, the first progressive jackpot that he won was worth $182,000. The second progressive he won was while he was playing “Let’em Ride Poker”, he was able to win another $120,000. Unfortunately in order to win the extra $120,000 he had to wager some of the money he’d won earlier on. This marks the first time that one punter has ever been able to win two separate progressive jackpots in one day at Intertops Casino.

Mr. Donovan took it upon himself to make a statement regarding his big win saying, “I knew that I had won when I saw the first three cards both times. I jumped out of my chair with shock and excitement. Later I went to the casino with my wife and friends, we drank champagne and tipped some table dealers. I’ll be continuing to play at Intertops Casino, land based casinos are exciting but online casinos have better odds.”

This punter clearly knew as to what he was talking about in terms of gambling. Intertops Casino is surely pleased that this punter is continuing to play with them as he will now be considered a high roller & high profit punter for the casino. This in return also means more benefits for him as well though.

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Weekend in Vegas is the latest video slot to be released by BetSoft Gaming. It was only announced two weeks ago that this slot would be making its way to BetSoft based casinos. This new casino game takes place directly in Las Vegas, giving punters the full Las Vegas experience from the comfort of their home or mobile device.


Sin City is nothing without its benefits, this slot doesn’t forget that as a number of features have been designed into this slot. Those features include free spins, wilds, re-spins, scatters and a bonus round. When playing this slot the theme’s influence is from the film franchise “The Hangover” which is apparent from the moment this game is loaded. Large wins await those play this new slot, wins worth more than $10,000. Unfortunately BetSoft didn’t make any statements regarding this slots release, this could be because their awaiting to see the reaction from their community of players before any statements are made. We’ll keep you posted if a statement is released to the public by BetSoft Gaming.

BetSoft Gaming has released this game meaning that it is live now at any online casino boasting the BetSoft Gaming platform. This game can be played through either a desktop computer or mobile device such as the iPad. Regardless of which platform is chosen it’s required that players sign up an account with that casino, provide a valid payment method and then access one of their bonuses before any BetSoft video slot can be played.

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Crystal Queen is the latest upcoming slot to be released by Quickspin Gaming. The revilement of this slot noted that it’ll be available to players sometime during early August. This unique platformer slot will surely impress all who play it.

Quickspin Gaming

Quickspin Gaming has developed this slot as a 5 reel, all payline platform based slot. This game is based around the Hans Christian Andersen novel “The Snow Queen” and offers a variety of features. Those features being win multipliers, free spins, spreading wilds and swooping reels. Visually this game is appealing as clouds swift through the background while the icons on the reels help portray this story into reality. Unfortunately no statement was made by Quickspin Gaming regarding the future release of this slot. Their more than likely waiting until this games launch date to make any statements regarding the game. As of right now Quickspin is refining the game of all its tweaks in order to ensure that it runs smoothly when its released.
This new slot is going to be available on the market sometime in early to mid-August. All online casinos that support the Quickspin Gaming platform will have this game upon its launch day. Those who don’t utilize this platform in their daily gambling can register an account with one of the casinos offering the platform. Quickspin Gaming has also revealed a preview for their game on their YouTube Channel.

Until then some of their latest slots such as Illuminous, Hidden Valley, Titan Thunder, Jewel Blast, Sevens High, The Epic Journey or Royal Frog can be played today.

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Casino Web Scripts, a small time software developer in the online gambling market revealed their latest & greatest video slot “Ancient Wonders 3D”. This new slot uses 3D visuals in order to enhance the gameplay experience.

This software operator has designed Ancient Wonders 3D as a 5 reel, 50 payline video slot. The theme is based around various ancient wonders from around the globe such as the Egyptian Pyramids, the Victoria Falls and many other stunning sights. Along the way various game features such as expanding wilds, bonus rounds and free spins will be available to be won.

Casino Web Scripts

This slot just isn’t the latest and greatest slot to come from Casino Web Scripts, it is also their very first slot into the market. Various employees from gambling developers around the globe have created this new company in hopes of becoming one of the well-known operators in the online gambling industry. Unfortunately the creators of this brand new developer have yet to make any statements regarding their future as a developer or regarding their very first slot. This is shocking to say the least, as always we will also continue to provide you with any new information relating to this brand new software developer.

As of right now this slot can’t be at any online casinos. Earlier on in the month this developer noted that they plan to release a new slot with each passing months in order to expand their platform at a rapid rate. Those games just won’t include slots but also table games like blackjack and roulette.

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apple logo

Months ago Apple Sweden revealed that they were applying a gambling restriction across all their mobile devices. This meant that all mobile gamblers could no longer gamble through their iPads, iPhones & iPods. None the less the Swedish Gambling Association has been able to get Apple Sweden to change their minds and reverse the course of this ban after they confirmed that these apps weren’t illegal in Sweden.

The Swedish gambling association sent Apple Sweden an informative letter which educated the company on all of the online & mobile gambling laws in Sweden. This letter also pointed out that Apple Sweden was in no way in any violation of these regulations and could have these blacklisted applications return to the market.

As a result of this, Apple Sweden has seen a major increase in usage across all of their devices and they have also have a small increase in profit from mobile gamblers purchasing the latest apple device for their gambling needs. In return there have been multiple casinos that have stated that they will put their casino back on the Apple App Store in the upcoming days. This won’t take long as these applications will already be on Android based devices, a small change in code & they can release these apps once again.

We shall keep you updated on any new information regarding the benefits and profits of these applications returning to the Swedish mobile gambling market.

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Throughout the last two decades we have seen Microgaming becoming something more than just a software developer in the online gambling market. Their a developer that caters towards the needs of their licensee’s and punters, it’s for these reasons that they remain as the number one developer in the market. Today it was revealed that in order to continue to cater to the best interest of their fans their releasing three new slots to the Microgaming Mobile Platform. This platform is currently available on the iOS & Android Platforms.

These first slot that is being released is Big Kahuna, a five reel and nine payline slot developed around the Ancient Hawaiian Culture. Along the way you will come across wilds, scatters, free spins and a jackpot win worth $4,000 through your mobile device. The other two slots that were released for the month of January on this mobile platform is Downtown Blackjack & Sure Win. Each one of these games can be played on any mobile device running the Android or iOS Software.

Those wishing to play either one of these games can easily do so but will first be required to find an mobile casino with the Microgaming Platform that suits your personal preferences. You’ll then register an account with that casino with a valid payment method. Afterwards download the mobile casino to your app and you’ll be able to experience Big Kahuna, Sure Win & Downtown Blackjack. There is also a large array of other mobile games you’ll be able to choose from as well.

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