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The Isle of Man based software developer Microgaming announced months ago that that they were developing a “Game of Thrones” video slot and that slot is now live today. This slot is available at every online casino which offers the Microgaming platform, it’s based around the popular novel/television series and offers major winning opportunities to the punter.


This slot has been designed as a 5 reel, 243 payline video slot. Based primarily on the HBO Television Series it also takes in a number of elements from the series of novels based in the world. While playing this slot you can play as four different houses including Lannister, Targaryen, Baratheon & Stark. As well as playing as one of your favorite houses you also have the chance to trigger Win Multipliers, A Gamble Feature, Free Spins & Expanding Wilds. Thus by increasing your opportunity to trigger big wins on the reels.

It should be noted that none of the main characters from the television series appear on the reels as slot symbols. Some might consider this to be a bad thing as it truly doesn’t resemble the television series but on the other hand some but consider this a good thing as it pays respect to the novels in the Game of Thrones world.

Those wishing to experience the new Microgaming “Game of Thrones” video slot can do so at any of the online casinos which offer the Microgaming platform. Regardless of what people think this slot is sure to offer an astonishingly exciting gambling experience which will not only provide large wins but memorable moments along the way as well.

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World Match

World Match was happy to announce today that they have been granted a gaming license by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This means that World Match will be able to offer their gambling platform to all online casinos operating within the United Kingdom. This could prove to be a major step for World Match as the UK Gambling Market is one of the largest in Europe & the world.

This announcement came shortly after the UK Government revealed that they would indeed be moving forward with their new gambling regulations. These new regulations required that those who want to operate in the United Kingdom must do so within country and they must also pay an internet betting tax. This resulted in multiple operators leaving the UK Gambling Market but it has also resulted in new operators entering the market as currently the market isn’t nearly half the size of what it used to be.

There is no word if there are any online casinos interested in offering the World Match Gambling Platform to their punters, due to the lower amount of operators in the country it could prove to be a long time before they find someone to offer their platform to players. If World Match doesn’t get an online casino to provide their platform to UK punters within the first two months then they will be forced to leave the market as it’ll prove to be unprofitable for the company as a whole. We will keep you updated on all new information released regarding the future of World Match in the United Kingdom Online Gambling Mark.

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Last weekend a fortunate player was able to trigger a life changing progressive jackpot while playing Hall of Gods. This player joins a list where many players have been able to win mass amounts of money that forever changed their lives. This lucky player was able to win €3,868,570.

Hall of gods slot

This isn’t the largest progressive to be won through Hall of Gods but it is still an impressive amount of money to win. Originally there was no information available regarding where this jackpot was won. Just yesterday it was revealed that this jackpot was won at Betsson Casino by a player located in Karlstad, Sweden. Earlier on this year though on May 28th, a lucky player also playing at Betsson Casino was able to take home a progressive jackpot win worth €7,361,240. That is the largest progressive to be won through this slot to date.

There winning players name hasn’t been revealed by Betsson Casino. This is more than likely so that the winning player can enjoy their new riches without any hassle from the media. The player also refused to make a comment regarding their win. Simon Hammon, the CEO of Net Entertainment did make a short statement regarding this win saying, “It’s always a pleasure to know that your video slot has been able to take a player to multi-millionaire status within a matter of seconds. This is the power that Hall of Gods and our other video slots with progressives have.”

You can play this slot at Betsson Casino or various other casinos which run under the Net Entertainment platform.

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Diamond Valley, a video slot developed by Playtech years ago has been able to provide dozens of players with large progressive jackpot wins. These wins can end of being life changing depending on the players financial situation. Last weekend this was proven to be true once again as a fortunate punter was able to trigger a jackpot worth $182,284. This six figure jackpot was won on an eight dollar wager which is a small amount when you consider it to the amount that the winning player won.

Diamond Valley logo

Playtech has yet to reveal any of the details pertaining towards this progressive jackpot win. We are currently unaware as to which online casino hosted this jackpot win but we can confirm that this is the 125th time that this progressive jackpot has been won. That’s one hundred and twenty five people who have had their lives forever changed by this video slot. Many of those people located information about this slot and many others through websites like www.casinos2win.com. You find many quality based game reviews, casino reviews and general gaming articles, that help in your selection process relating to online gamblnig.

This 5 reel, 5 payline dinosaur themed video slot has been able to become one of the highest paying slots on the market. A player back in 2012 was able to win the record high amount of $454,956 while playing Diamond Valley. This slot will normally pay out an average of $74,878 which is a large amount of money, a year’s salary for most.
You can be the next lucky punter by registering with an online casino that offers the Playtech gambling platform. There is a large array of slots you can choose from, each one giving you incredible winning opportunities.

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eCOGRA stands as the largest internet betting standard testing agency in the online gambling industry. Today eCOGRA which is owned by famed developers Microgaming revealed that they’ve partnered up with PwC, a global services group. This will allow for their services to expand to new heights and ensure that every casino that operates under the eCOGRA tag will be offering a safe gambling experience. This being the main goal of eCOGRA and PwC.


This deal will allow for eCOGRA to increase their testing abilities when it comes to vulnerability or issues within the casinos. PwC offers an incredible testing program that will allow for eCOGRA to stop any issue before it happens. This in return also means that those who currently have an eCOGRA License will be reviewed once again to see if their worthy to continue to hold that license. Those casinos that lose the license will lose a large portion of their business.

This isn’t the first time that these two firms have worked with one another. PwC actually helped develop the eCOGRA group by creating their system eleven years ago. PwC currently has five hundred employee’s and each one of these employee’s specializes in finding cyber security ricks and stopping them within minutes.

eCOGRA CEO Andrew Beveridge spoke to individual reports at once saying, “This agreement enables us to extend this service to our clients through the specialised and highly effective expertise of PwC in this area. We understand the value of our clients’ investment in information security, and by collaborating with PwC, our customers will have increased access to the latest knowledge on emerging risks relating to current levels of security protection.”

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Mr. Green, a large online betting firm that offers its gambling services across the European Union released their second quarter financial results for 2014. These financial results shows that Mr. Green’s growth has only continued to grow with each passing month. This second quarter brought them an increase of 40.8% compared to the same time last year. This is a massive jump in revenue that a lot of online casinos don’t have the pleasure of experiencing.


Commenting on the results company CEO Mikael Pawlo said, “Our assessment is that Mr Green’s strategy of continuing to invest in product development, particularly for mobile utilization, and expansion into new countries will create favorable conditions to continue to significantly outgrow the market. Mr Green continues its organic expansion outside the Nordic region, which will reduce our dependence on individual regions. During the second quarter, the Nordic region accounted for 53.9 (67.0) percent of the total game win, while the rest of Europe accounted for 45.5 (32.7) percent and the rest of the world accounted for 0.6 (0.2) percent. We feel that it is strategically important that we are not solely dependent on the Nordic region or any other region.”

Mr. Green will continue to grow in revenue with each passing month. Often people wonder how online casinos can increase their revenues. Mr. Green and various other online casinos increase their revenues by releasing new slots to their punters with each passing month. These casinos also offer a mobile version of their casino which can essentially double their player activity and thus by double their revenues. Great things are to come in the future with Mr. Green, register with them today and experience that amazing future to come.

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Yggdrasil Gaming is a new online betting software developer to the gaming industry. They have only been operating for the last year and within the last year they have achieved some recognition in the online gambling market. Their games have been gaining popularity and big name casinos have been electing to license their software. Yggdrasil Gaming is now currently available at Unibet, one of the better known UK focused online casinos.

Yggdrasil Gaming

Each slot that Yggdrasil Gaming has ever developed has been loaded onto Unibet’s Repertoire of Casino Games. This content supply deal will also require that Yggdrasil Gaming load each one of their new slots onto Unibet before any other casino, this means Unibet punters will be the first to experience each new slot that Yggdrasil Gaming has to offer.

Fredrik Elmqvist, the CEO of Yggdrasil Gaming stated the following, “It is a thrill to know that as a new software developer you are already gaining the attention of big name operators like Unibet. It is an honor to work alongside Unibet and we can only pray that their punters will love our gambling platform. God knows that we have spent months upon months perfecting the software. We will launch our new games at Unibet before any other casino, so to our loyal fans we hope you like Unibet as they will be our exclusive online casinos for the course of the next two years.”

We’ll inform you on any new updates released regarding Yggdrasil Gaming’s future.

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A fortunate player playing Playtech’s “Diamond Valley” was able to successfully secure himself a $402,638 Progressive jackpot win earlier on yesterday. Unfortunately any exact information about this recent win has yet to be provided by either Playtech or the casino to where the win occurred.

Diamond Valley slot
What we do know is that this is the 121st time that a progressive jackpot has been won on Diamond Valley. It is also one of the largest progressives to be paid out through this slot as the average amount won through the Diamond Valley Progressive is roughly seventy five thousand dollars. Normally this slots progressive is paid out every 13 days but this time the progressive wasn’t won for twelve weeks, this in return allows for the progressive to grow by a considerable amount.

Diamond Valley stands as a 5 reel, 5 payline video slot developed by Playtech. When playing this slot you notice a beautiful mountain landscape in the background with a hawk flying nearly above it. The reel symbols on the other hand consists of various birds, jewels, gold teeth, money symbols, flaming bar symbols, jewel boxes and so much more. This makes you feel as if you are really in a valley full of Diamonds and that you are about to find a life changing amount of riches. Finding those riches is possible through this video slot.

You are required to register a player account with any casino that supports the Playtech Gambling Platform in order to play Diamond Valley.

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Fruitoids is one of the latest slots to grace the online gambling market. Yggdrasil Gaming, the developers behind Fruitoids revealed their latest slot machine earlier on this week. This marks the fifth video slot that has been released by Yggdrasil Gaming, punters can expect the developers to release at least six more slots this year with the potential of ten more slots as the maximum.

yggdrasil gaming logo

Fruitoids has been developed for Mobile Platforms and PC Platforms, this allows for casinos that operate in the online gambling and mobile gambling market to offer the same casino game. Fruitoids stands as a 5 reel, 25 payline slot designed around the life you’d live if you lived under the ocean. You will come across a variety of bulbs, bubbles, coral reefs and more while looking at the reels. The background and symbols on the reels when put together makes for an incredible under water adventure.

Gameplay wise you will have a number of different features that you can land on. These features range from wilds, to re-spins, to sticky symbols all the way to the bonus round. You will also be able to control the speed of the reels, by having slower reels there is a better chance of you winning money as you will be able to see the winning combinations. This in return makes for an experience never before seen in an online slot machine.

You can play Fruitoids by registering an account with an online casino that has the Yggdrasil Gaming Software.

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Ronan Cowley, who is an ex-manager at one of the retail shops that Boylesports owns in Ireland. This man who had been employed with Boylesports for more than five years has been convicted for stealing from the gambling firm over the course of two years. During these two years Mr. Cowley was able to steal thousands upon thousands of Euro’s from the gambling firm.

Boylesports logo

Ronan Cowley had been an employee of Boylesports since he was 28 years old, at the age of 31 Mr. Cowley took it upon himself to start stealing from Boylesports after being employed with them for three years. At this point in time Mr. Cowley was already a manager for one of the retail shops in Ireland. Ronan was able to steal a total of €590,810 before he was found guilty of his actions.

Boylesports was informed that Ronan was stealing from them after Paddy Power tipped off Boylesports about his player activity. Mr. Cowley would deposit large amounts of money into his account when that money shouldn’t have been in his account. Paddy Power knew that Ronan Cowley worked for Boylesports as a manager and they knew that his a Boylesports manager doesn’t earn that much money on an annual basis which is why Paddy Power informed Boylesports of Mr. Cowley’s Activity.

Boylesports then took it upon themselves to check the books of that retail shop where Mr. Cowley was employed. They quickly found that €590,810 was missing from their revenue stream which is the same amount that Ronan had deposited into Paddy Power over the course of two years. Putting these connections together Boylesports informed the police which then resulted in Ronan Cowley being charged with theft, he will now have to serve a five year prison sentence.

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